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Margaritaville Playa Flamingo


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This family-friendly activity takes you on an incredible journey

The show takes you on an amazing journey through the rich history of Costa Rica. Learn about the indigenous people, who settled in the valleys and lived in the shadows of active volcanoes, and their traditions that are still influential throughout the country. See how things shifted when Columbus landed and colonization ensued. And, understand the significance and impact independence from Spain had on Costa Rica and how they commemorate September 15th each year.

Meet Your Host: Darin Talbot

Entertainer, songwriter, and longtimeĀ resident of Costa Rica, Darin Talbot is the host with the most that will take you through this incredible adventure. He loves the relaxed lifestyle and the culture of the country. Darin, otherwise known as Costa Man, is honored to be part of the show and to help more people fall in love with everything the country has to offer.

You’ll find out more about the amazing historical figures, like Jan Santamaria, Pacifica Fernandez, Pancha Carrasco, and many more. Learn about Las Esferas de Piedra, the pirates on Cocos Island, and why Costa Rica doesn’t have an army. All of these amazing stories are intertwined with a full cultural experience that includes music, food, dancing, and other traditions important to the people here.

You’ll enjoy learning about the history and experiencing the culture
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